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Bellville Glass Centre has a glass division on site. This division is used to supply and fit windscreens, passenger glass and rear screens, to all makes and models of vehicles. Bring your vehicle and we will have a look at your windows for you.

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We offer on-site mobile fitment to luxury passenger, SUV’s, commercial vehicles, trucks, busses and earthmoving equipment. We insist on supplying only shatterproof products which meet South African Bureaux Standards (SABS) approval. Our extreme mobile fleets, consisting of four professionally trained teams ensure efficient and friendly on-site auto glass service.

Auto Glass Division:

At Bellville Glass Centre, we place a lot of value on “Safety, Quality and Convenience.”  We guarantee our clients an expert mobile service. Every element in our values is utilized to depict the kind of service that you can expect by using our auto glass fitment solutions.


Is the first thing in light of the fact that your safety comes first when each job is performed. When we first look at how we can give the most secure installation possible, we have our experts do an inspection. Our technicians have the sufficient knowledge to ascertain the proper procedures to follow when doing an auto glass replacement. We also utilize high quality materials during the installation process to ensure that everything is intact, safe and ready for the road.


Products are always utilized in order to do a safe installation. Glass fitment is spot on to the way the OE glass originally fit to the vehicle. Perfect glass fitment is assured by our use of the top brands in the industry. These brands are all commonly seen as factory brands on autos bought today, subsequently giving you the certainty that the highest quality glass is being used. One of the greatest elements of providing a safe installation other than the knowledge and glass utilized by the experts is the adhesive used. We use tried and tested adhesive that will ensure our customers have a long-lasting glass fitment.


Thought the last component in our adage, is imperative to you as the client. We offer a mobile and in-house service that takes into account your daily schedule. Work can be performed at your home, office, at our location, on the road, or even at your preferred local public location! Our versatility is limitless to Cape Town. Our goal is to be as convenient as possible in order to take virtually no time out of your day. Same day services are available and when you decide to call us, ask us how we can help you with your insurance claim

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It is vital to do your research when hunting down an auto glass company. Ensure they are licensed, certified, and insured. Don’t just run with the lowest price you find (it might be low for a reason i.e. used glass, inexperienced technician, and so on.). Ensure they offer a warranty on the work, additionally ensure they will be anything but difficult to contact if you need to use your warranty (leak, molding loose, and glass loose etc.) We would love for you to end your research here with us, Bellville Glass Centre, because you are important to us, and your safety matters. Keep in mind: there is no shortcut to safety! 


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What is the difference between Auto Glass and Flat Glass?

When it comes to choosing the right glass to use for your vehicle, home, or workplace, knowing the difference between the kinds of glass you should use can save you a world of frustration. There are several kinds of glass you can get for windows, windscreens, transparent walls and glass doors; in this blog though, we’ll take a closer look at two types of glass you can consider for your needs: auto glass and flat glass.

Auto glass is a type of glass used to create the windscreens and windows of vehicles. Also known as car glass, this type of glass has different kinds of configurations.

How is it made?

Car glass is made in a few different ways. While the windscreen is often made from laminated glass,  the rear windscreen (or back glass) is often made from tempered glass.


  • Durable glass that protects you from the elements.
  • Laminated and tempered glass are shatterproof and offer added strength.
  • The perfect lightweight glass solution for machines on wheels.


When should you use auto glass?

As the name suggests, car glass should be used on vehicles; it isn’t very useful in buildings or glass doors. While the kinds of glass used in auto glass can be used for these applications, you won’t exactly find a home that uses a car’s windscreen on the windows (unless of course it’s part of their home décor).


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